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About Valerio Guitar - Your Best Handmade Classical Guitars

The Art of Guitar

The Valerio guitar is handmade in our workshop by experience craftsmen. It is produced of carefully selected and naturally seasoned tone-wood.

Our Commitment to Quality

As the founder, Pius Gracio Anton has commited to produce the best classic guitar with the best quality, exclusive construction under the standart of Valerio Guitar until now. We have been using the best quality of wood. In the modern era, 70% of the production are handmade including construction, headstock carving and finishing. With accurate settings. Valerio guitar can be played comfortably.


Pius Gracio Anton started learning classical guitar when he was 12, in guidance of teachers like Ramiri and Reiner Wildt.

He also took part in many masterclasses from many international guitarists, such as :

  • Iwan Tanzil (Germany) in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007
  • Aniello Desiderio (Italy) in 2005
  • Alessio Monti (Italy) in 2007
  • Christopher Mallet (USA) in 2014
  • Shin-Ichi Fukuda (Japan) in 2014
  • Kyuhee Park (South Korea) in 2015

Pius also works as Director of Academic in Excellent Music School located in Harapan Indah, Bekasi, Indonesia. Excellent Music School was founded in 1999 and now it has 475 students already in 2019. Pius also works as Director Music Academic at San San Hobby Center and music clinician at Harapan Indah Magazine. Pius is a founder of Excellent Guitar Quartet and Pius Gracio Guitar Orchestra. He also become a jury in many classical guitar competition in Indonesia and as jury in various countries such as The Tarrega Malaysia International Guitar Festival 2017, Hanoi International Guitar Competition 2018 Hanoi Vietnam, Thailand International Guitar Festival 2018 Bangkok and Hannabach Hanoi International Guitar Competition 2019 Hanoi Vietnam.

Pius organized many classical guitar competition in Indonesia; such as Excellent Guitar Indonesia Festival in 2009 and Valerio International Guitar Festival (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018). The seventh Valerio International Guitar Festival is going to be held in 2019. And now Valerio International Guitar Festival is one of most famous Guitar Festival.

His passion for classical guitar also guides him to the craft of making classical guitar. Valerio Guitar was established in 2009 as his brand of handmade classical guitar. Valerio Guitar is used by a lot of guitarists in Indonesia and other countries and received many praises.

In order to deepen his knowledge in art of making guitar, Pius attended many workshops ( Pansaeng, Wiroon, Narongsak, all is Thailand guitar maker ) One of them is guitar workshop from Andrea Tacchi, a very famous Italian luthier, in 2014.

In Jakarta Asean Guitar Festival event in 2015, Valerio Guitar was named the grand prize for a winner in this competition.

Valerio Guitar was also the grand prize for a winner in Tarrega Malaysia International Guitar Festival in 2015, 2016. 2017 and The next Hannabach Hanoi International Guitar Festival in 2019 also named Valerio Guitar as its grand prize.

Discover Your Best Handmade Classical Guitar

At Valerio, every instrument has to be special. Beyond the basic information of construction materials and specs, we wanted to provide our current and prospective players a deeper understanding of what goes into making our guitars some of the finest instruments in the world.

Valerio International Guitar Festival

Since 2013, every year we hold an International Guitar Festival which is participated by dozens of guitarists from various countries such as Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philipine, etc. In this event we invite top guitarist from several country such as Christopher Mallet and Robert Miller from San Francisco - USA, Samuel T. Klemke (Germany), Ogodmundur Thor Johannesson (Iceland), Grigory Novikov (Russia), Giordano Passini (Italy), Bin Hu (China), Fabio Barbagalo (Italy), Cinzia Milani (Italy), and much more. They are invited as guest star and juror, also teach in Valerio masterclass.