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We committed to produce the best classical guitars with the best quality, exclusive construction under the standart of Valerio Guitar until now. We have been using the best quality of wood. In the modern era, 70% of the production are handmade including construction, headstock carving and finishing. With accurate settings so Valerio guitar can be played comfortably.



2-4 August 2019, KJ Hotel - Jl. Parangtritis No.120, Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Open Category:

  • No age limit
  • Elimination round on 2 August 2019, solo playing time allowed 10 minutes (can be more than 1 pieces).
  • 8 finalist (could be more than 8 finalists depends on jury decision) will perform in Final Round on 4 August 2019, solo playing time allowed 17 minutes (can be more than 1 pieces).
  • All pieces should be different in each round.
  • Exceeding the time limits will lead to disqualification.
  • All pieces must be played by memorized.

Junior Category:

  • Age not over 16 years old on 1 August 2019.
  • 1st prize winner of Junior Category(except Junior A Category) of Valerio Guitar Competition I, II, III, IV, V, VI can not join in Junior Category, you should apply in Open Category.
  • Only one round (final round) on 3 August 2019, solo playing time allowed 8 minutes (can be more than 1 pieces).
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Valerio Guitars are really a great instruments! The tone is very full, color and dynamics are OK. Another great think is the comodity, this instrument are very “easy ” to play.
And this is a good help for a guitarist.


  • I played Valerio Guitars in some international guitar festivals and I was very impressed. Valerio Guitars are very nice instruments made by the knowledge and experience of Pius Gracioanton. He creates an unique and beautiful guitars with a fresh and inspiring approach, very good and balanced tone quality with different colors and very confortable for the players. Congratulations to Pius for this amazing work!
    Pablo González
    Madrid Guitar Duo (Spain)
  • I had a chance to perform a Valerio concert guitar during the Thailand International Guitar Festival. I was very impressed by the beautiful tone quality, powerful volume, and comfortable playability of the fingerboard. Many thanks to the wonderful craftsmanship of luthier Pius Gracio Anton!
    Mesut Ozgen
    Guitarist/Composer From Miami
  • While in Bangkok, I was fortunate to play on a guitar made by the Indonesian luthier, Pius Gracio Anton. This guitar had a pleasingly full and rounded sound and responded immediately with a wide range of tone colour. Playability was extremely easy. My congratulations to him also on his high standard of craftsmanship! Recommended.
    Mark Houghton
    Guitarist From England
  • I had the honoure and the pleasure to present on concert the guitar made by Pius as "Valerio Concert Series" during Valerio International Guitar Festival in Indonesia; the audience liked the powerful and well balanced tone! Valerio guitars are made by Pius, the luthier, with finest craftsmanship and I think the Valerio guitars have a competitive price.
    Cinzia Milani
    Guitarist From Italy
  • So pleasure that to know valerio guitar. The attractive designs ,the charming and warm sounds and comfortable Touch impressed me a lot. The Luthier told me that ,he makes guitar by his heart. I think that’s the reason why Valerio guitar have so highly quality and also many guitarists sang high praise for the Valerio Guitar.
    Manni Wu
    Guitarist from China
  • From the best selection of material and the intellectual design to the finest craftsmanship, the Valerio guitars have set an industrial standard in Southeast Asia with a competitive price. I have had the opportunity to try and hear them played in concerts. Its powerful and yet well-balanced tone embraces an abundance of colors which grants the musician infinite possibilities to express themselves. It’s definitely an instrument worth owning for both amateurs and professionals.
    Hu Bin
    Guitarist from China
  • Coming from Indonesia Valerio guitars are some of the finest instruments. Not only does Pius Gracioanton, the luthier, know how to design and handcraft beautiful instruments, but also produces instruments with great playability, sound and projection from the finest tone woods. It is a pleasure to play on these instruments which are suitable for beginners to professional concert artists, considering the consistent quality amongst the different models of the production line.
    Samuel T. Klemke
    Guitaris from Germany
  • Valerio guitars have elegant and beautiful design, the craftsmanship and materials are superb. I had the pleasure to perform in concert in more than one occasion with Valerio guitar and the playability was very nice. The tone and voice of the instrument is beautiful and charming as well as being balanced and round, with Valerio competing up to highest international standards.
    Ogmundur Thor Johannesson
    Guitarist from Iceland
  • Sebagai salah satu gitar terbaik ditanah air, Valerio memberikan kualitas dan aftersales yg sangat memuaskan. Good job Valerio dan mr Pius Gracio Anton.
    Alex Nakamura
    Guitarist From Surabaya - Indonesia
  • Suatu terobosan besar bagi pergitaran ditanah air yg memiliki luthier terkenal dengan merek Valerio di indonesia dengan kualitas gitar standart internasional. Menyatukan gitaris ditanah air serta mendatangkan gitaris – gitaris hebat dari luar negeri dengan kegiatan rutinitas berupa kompetisi dan konser gitar yg diprakarsai oleh ”Pius Gracioanton”.
    Heston Tambunan
    Guitarist from Indonesia
  • Saya merasa dengan adanya produksi gitar handmade Valerio yg wajahnya bagus. Casenya bagus serta suaranya bagus harganya masih terjangkau. Amat membantu banyak murid murid saya yang memimpikan mengganti gitar dari gitar belajar yang seharga 2 juta kebawah. Ke gitar handmade yang harganya mahal mahal.
    Lianto Tjahjoputro Virtuoso
    Guitarist from Indonesia
  • Bagi saya pribadi, gitar klasik yang bagus itu sangat subyektif sekali. Masing2 orang punya standartnya sendiri2. Tapi ada 3 hal yang menurut saya tidak boleh hilang dari Sbh produk gitar klasik. Yaitu : kemerduan suara, konfortable (nyaman) dipakai dan yang jg penting indah di lihat. Ke 3 hal itu saya temukan di Valerio, The Real Art of Guitar
    Rudy Hermawan
    Balikpapan Guitar Society
  • Gitar Valerio diproduksi berdasar arahan langsung oleh Pius Gracioanton, yang saya kenal sebagai salah seorang player dan guru gitar klasik terbaik di Indonesia. Tak heran jika berbagai persyaratan yang lazimnya dimiliki gitar klasik yang berkualitas baik ada pada Valerio.
    Jubing Kristianto
    Guitarist from Indonesia